Company Profile

ZYUNICON (TianJin) Science & Technology Co. Ltd takes the new dynamic air
disinfection technology as the core, providing safe and effective one-stop
indoor space environmental management solutions for hospitals, kindergartens,
schools, offices, nursing homes, hotels, medical and other public spaces,The
ZYUNICON air disinfector is a major scientific and technological breakthrough
product developed according to the requirement of China government for
anti-epidemic (COVID-19), and has been widely used during China anti-epidemic
practice.  With the application of original intelligent light-control slow-release
pure chlorine dioxide gas molecular technology, the product has a remarkable
blocking effect on aerosol air transmission of influenza virus and COVID-19,
and can significantly reduce the risk of cluster infection in indoor spaces.

ILICOR-CD Technology

Intelligent Light-control Slow-release Ultra-low Concentration Pure Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules.Develop purely physical excitation method for the f...